Aid For The South

In April 2011, neighborhoods and communities across the Southeast were devastated by the worst surge of tornadoes the United States has seen in 40 years. The tornadoes claimed the lives of over 300 people and the losses are in the billions across Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Virginia.

Clean up and relief efforts are still going on and will be for some time. The American Red Cross is one of several organizations committed to helping those affected by the storms. They are assisting the rescue and relief efforts by providing shelter, medical care, emergency response vehicles and ready-to-eat meals. The level of assistance needed in Alabama alone has not been seen since Hurricane Katrina.

Moved by this tragedy, SVM put together an internal company donation drive called “Aid for the South”. SVM employees made donations to the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and other charitable organizations assisting in the tornado relief efforts. As part of the program, SVM made a match for each employee donation in the amount of three dollars to every one dollar donated by SVM employees. We are proud to announce that SVM and its employees raised over $60,000.