P.A.I.L. Project - Providing Aid / Impacting Lives

Rays of Hope for Haiti (a 501c3) has been bringing aid to the people of Haiti for over ten years. Their PAIL Project provides five gallon pails that are filled with much needed supplies (food, clothing, personal items and the like). Not only are the contents inside the pails very much needed, but the buckets themselves are just as valuable as the contents. The recipients will use the pails to carry water, wash clothes and use as a chair.

On August 10, the entire SVM staff rallied together to fill 500 buckets for the PAIL Project. The buckets were segmented into four groups; personal items and three categories of food items (11,000 total items - 15 pallets). A mini competition amongst the teams created fun and excitement to see who could complete their group of buckets first. In the end, we all won because of the camaraderie and bonding to help others. After the SVM teams filled and sealed the buckets, they were shipped to the Rays of Hope for Haiti collection and distribution facility in Michigan (read more). From there they will be sent to those in need in Haiti.

To learn more about Rays of Hope for Haiti and the PAIL Project please visit www.raysofhopeforhaiti.com or contact them at:

Rays of Hope for Haiti
946 Burton St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507
Telephone (616) 633-4258
Email: doug@raysofhopeforhaiti.com