Life Builders

In our October 2010 e-Newsletter we discussed a charitable organization that is close to the hearts of the SVM family - Life Builders Ministries International. Since that article ran Life Builders has made huge strides in one of their main initiatives, the building of their clinic in Lagos, Nigeria.

Since the healthcare system in Nigeria is one of the worst in the world, it is one of Life Builders primary focuses to build a non-profit medical center that is in response to the needs of many Nigerians who do not have access to quality health care. According to the WHO report:

The Life Builders two-story Clinic being built in Lagos will provide medical care for the surrounding area (more than 35,000 people). The clinic will be comprised of a laboratory, anti-natal ward, pediatric ward, HIV ward and two large surgery rooms in addition to another five large wards. The construction of the clinic building has reached a decking level and will be completed by August of this year, with the plan to commission the facility by years end.

"We thank God and all our partners, especially the staff of SVM who have made a significant contribution to this project. We have decided to name the two large surgery rooms and the HIV/AIDS ward after the CEO of SVM, Marshall Reavis, in recognition of his contribution and encouragement towards this project" - Emmanuel Ogunyemi, President Life Builders

Your generosity makes it possible for Life Builders to impact people's lives. They still need more partners who can contribute financially to the clinic building project. To learn more about Life Builders or to make a contribution please visit: www.lbuilders.org