Our Partnership Models

SVM offers Retailers a variety of flexible partnership models tailored to the Retailer's specific objectives for their program. Examples include:

Third-Party Issuing

SVM stands in a as the legal and technical issuer for Retailers' gift card programs. In this model, SVM bears all program costs and assumes all legal and compliance risk. SVM also provides full program management including card production, settlement, customer service, marketing, sales and fulfillment.

Full Service Gift Card Program Management

SVM manages the Retailer's gift card program, having full responsibility for generating gift card sales. Inventory management, Retail fulfillment, Internet landing page hosting and customer service are also components of the Full Program Management model.

Bulk/Business-to-Business Marketing Partnerships

SVM typically manages the Retailer's bulk/business-to-business card marketing and sales, including developing and implementing a customized card marketing plan. SVM can do this through several different models.

Internet Landing Page Hosting and Management

SVM hosts and manages the Retailer's Internet landing page (can be business-to-business and/or business-to-consumer focused). As the ILP host, SVM captures online gift card orders, processes payment, accepts fraud risk, fulfills the orders and provides order inquiry customer service.