Gift Card Management

Leave it to the Experts!

SVM is a gift card specialist with deep expertise and over fifteen years of experience in gift card management and marketing. As a result, retailers have elected to partner with SVM to assist their gift card programs with gift card management services and marketing of their gift cards to businesses and consumers.

Advantages of SVM Partnerships

By partnering with SVM, a retailer can obtain the following benefits:

  • Maximize gift card sales
  • Lower the costs associated with their gift card program
  • Improve overall profit contribution from their gift card program
  • Minimize legal and regulatory compliance risks and responsibilities
  • Minimize administrative burdens/maintain focused on core business activities


Our Partnership Models

SVM offers retailers a variety of flexible partnership models tailored to the retailers’ specific objectives for their program. This includes:

  • Full Service Gift Card Program Management – SVM manages the retailer's gift card program, having full responsibility for generating gift card sales and bearing all gift card program costs. SVM develops and implements a customized card marketing plan. SVM typically acts as third party issuer and bears all legal and regulatory compliance risks and responsibilities. This partnership model typically provides the greatest overall improvement in the gift card program’s profit contribution to the retailer.
  • Bulk/Business-to-Business Marketing Partnerships – SVM typically manages the retailer's bulk/business-to-business card marketing and sales, including developing and implementing a customized card marketing plan. SVM can do this through several different models. In some cases, SVM will agree to just resell a retailer's cards.
  • Internet Landing Page Hosting and Management – SVM hosts and manages the retailers Internet landing page (can be business-to-business and/or business-to-consumer) and processes and fulfills all gift card orders.
  • Third-Party Issuing – SVM typically acts a as third party issuer for a retailer as one component of a broader partner relationship. As third party issuer, SVM bears all legal and compliance risks and responsibilities.


Our Card Marketing Capabilities

SVM's business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing capabilities include:

  • Point-of-Purchase Marketing Materials and Retailer Assistance – SVM maximizes gift card sales at your retailers.
  • Industry and Vertical Publications, Advertisements and Communication Mediums – SVM quickly and efficiently reaches business customers most likely to buy your gift card.
  • Direct Mail Campaigns to Over 100,000 Potential Consumer Buyers – SVM’s broad based or segmented effort to build brand, gift card sales and potential customer base.
  • Targeted Trade Show Attendance and Displays – SVM provides high traffic access to decision makers in gift card purchases with a high propensity to purchase.
  • Internet and Search Engine Target Marketing – SVM technologically keeping your brand front and center in the consumer’s and the businesses’ minds in order to maximize all sales channels.
  • Current SVM Business Customer Base - SVM provides instant access to our current customer base of over 25,000 and instant credibility with these accounts.
  • New SVM Business Customer Base – SVM provides exposure of your organization and additional sales of your gift card through our business development force to thousands of new customers in every relevant industry.
  • SVM Website – SVM displays your card and/or company as a featured product, can highlight features/benefits and quickly and adeptly communicate promotions to our customer base.

SVM also has the ability to market cards to specific buyer segments and geographies as well as to scrip and third party providers/gift card malls.


Dedicated Client Relations Manager

SVM realizes the importance of relationships and assigns an experienced professional to manage the affiliation with your organization, provide focus and maximize sales and growth.


Other SVM Services

SVM is not a gift card processor, but often contracts with and manages the relationship with a processor as one component of providing its range of value-added services. SVM also provides gift card related services such as customer service, inventory management and card fulfillment on a fee for services basis.