SVM eGift Cards

eGift Cards offer the latest cutting edge technology in rewarding and gifting

Designed for speed, convenience and instant gratification

eGift Cards, also known as digital or electronic gift cards, offer the speed and convenience of delivering a "gift card" via email directly to your recipients, who then print the eGift Card and redeem at the branded location. It's as simple as that.

Through our highly sophisticated delivery platforms, SVM will securely send eGift Cards directly to your reward earners, loyal employees, customers or prospects via email.

Alternatively, you can choose to email the eGift Cards to your recipients yourself in order to accommodate your campaign messaging and timing.

You can count on the same reliable service for eGift Cards as our customers have come to expect from SVM with plastic gift cards.

SVM eGift Cards Offer

  • Optional eMail and Mobile Phone Delivery Services
  • Comprehensive Brand List
  • Instant Gratification for the Recipients
  • Wide Selection of Denominations
  • Easy Redemption: Use at store locations, online or restaurant
  • No Expiration Dates
  • Customization and Personalization Services
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