Gift Cards Reward Wellness

LifeCare is currently serving approximately 1,500 clients, including companies, health plans, government agencies and unions. Through their employee benefits programs, LifeCare provides counseling and information for their clients' employees for items such as health and wellness, family, education and financial services. LifeCare's products and services aim to boost employee morale, increase recruiting and maximize workforce productivity.

The Program

Life Care offers it clients a program called Total Health SolutionsSM which is a full-service wellness program that's designed to help drive efficiency and effectiveness in managing issues such as weight management, stress management, smoking and other risk-indicative behaviors to lower overall healthcare costs.

As part of the program, LifeCare offers program participants incentives to drive desired behavior. Employee participants earn reward points based on completing specified activities related to the health and wellness program in which they are enrolled. The participants redeem their points for items in a web-based catalog, which includes gift cards from numerous brands.

Brand Coordination, Program Development Gift Card Fulfillment

SVM worked with LifeCare to help develop the gift card portion of the program; including working with the numerous gift card brands offered to coordinate the participation in the program and designing the specific fulfillment needs of the gift cards for the program.

The Result

The program continues today after almost two years in operation. The client has seen marked improvement in wellness program participation and the participants enjoy redeeming their points for gift cards featuring healthy options - all earned from doing the right thing!


Gift Cards support wellness!