Gift Cards Create a "Buzz" at Tradeshow

invivodata designed a creative trade show program aimed at increasing their visibility at the show and driving traffic to their booth.

The Challenge

Like many companies have been forced to do, invivodata needed to achieve their marketing initiatives with less, including a 27% reduction in their marketing budget for the largest annual trade show in their industry. For Tom Henson, VP of Marketing, and his team, they needed to devise a plan that would provide the results they were looking for with a budget that wouldn't allow for more splashy programs like they had done in the past, including offsite events and evening receptions. With the significant cut in their marketing budget, they decided to focus all of their marketing efforts on booth traffic. The challenge was how to stand out at the show and drive traffic to the booth.

The Program

In order to stand out among more than 450 exhibitors at the tradeshow, Henson and his team created a campaign theme that played off the national focus on gasoline prices. The promotion they developed included a contest for booth visitors to enter to win a $500 gasoline gift card. The team decided to give away one larger denominated gasoline gift card rather than several cards with smaller amounts to generate more interest in the contest. Additionally, invivodata gave away free cookies that were branded with one of their product images. They named the campaign "Refuel with invivodata."

To promote the campaign, invivodata developed a pre-show email promotion inviting attendees to visit their booth and take part in the gasoline gift card giveaway.

A press release was also distributed highlighting the company's activities at the show and included a link to the company's website where recipients could learn about the "Refuel with Invivodata" campaign.

The Result

The free gasoline gift card and cookies proved to be a hit at the trade show. Henson's team beat their goals for lead generation at the show, even with the budget cut:

  • 10% growth in qualified leads over the previous year
  • 33% decline in cost per lead for the event

Word-of-mouth about the company's gasoline gift card giveaway and cookies helped drive strong traffic to the booth.

"Overall our CEO was pleased with the program," says Henson. "I reminded him that we thought it was due to the gasoline gift card offer. We had several people commenting on the gift card giveaway, and it did create a buzz."


Gift Cards strengthen trade show promotional campaigns