Gift Cards Provide a "Service" for Promotional Program

A network of auto dealers, based in the Northeastern U.S., partnered with SVM for a three month long promotion designed to reward their customers when service is conducted at one of the participating dealerships.

The Promotion

Customer presents the mailer, purchases one of the three qualifying services and they receive a complimentary $10 Gasoline Gift Card. Seventy-two auto dealers in a five state region participated in this program. The promotion was advertised on a mailer which was sent to 325,000 households.

SVM Coordinated the Marketing Approval

SVM coordinated the advertising approval process with the oil company for all aspects of the gift card marketing.

The Result

The consumer response has been positive. The Dealerships anticipate the program will provide them with increased visits, additional sales and repeat service customers.


Gift Cards compliment any promotional program.