Gift Cards "Build" Employee Loyalty

A major construction company building a large plant in a remote area needed a worthwhile incentive for an employee retention program. The construction completion date was a concern because of employee turnover. Management evaluated possible incentives that would appeal to a large group, be easy to administer, and would "make a difference". Since the cost of gasoline was a concern among commuting employees, SVM was contacted to help improve the retention.

The Incentive

The company rewarded employees on a frequent and repeated basis for regular attendance. The employees were awarded a $50 gasoline gift card at the end of each week. The choice among three popular brands made it even more convenient for the workers. Because of the instant gratification, the workers have been returning to work as scheduled.

SVM Provides Multiple Brands

SVM analyzed the regional area and consulted with the company on the three most prevalent fuel brands for the employees.

The Result

Since the program started there has been a measurable difference in employee retention.

And that is...

The Power of Gift Cards... from SVM