"All Eyes" are on Gift Cards

A leading lens provider was looking for the right tool to expand sales and improve company profits. They contacted SVM to purchase gift cards and utilize services provided by SVM.

The Incentive

The right tool had to be easy to administer, easy to distribute, quick to reach the recipients and truly valued. Gift cards were selected as the perfect solution. Today the gift cards are used for new product introductions, enticing new distributorships, as well as rewarding eye care specialists and established dealers. Each program is uniquely designed to ultimately result in greater profits. Internally the cards are used for sales and employee incentives. The gift cards are rewarded on a regular basis as goals are met.

SVM Handles Multiple Fulfillment Destinations

SVM continues to consult the client on new card products and distributes the various card brands and quantities to numerous locations as directed by the customer.

The Result

The goals attained through the numerous incentive programs have provided the lens company the ability to expand the program and develop several other incentive based programs using gift cards.

It's clear to see the...

The Power of Gift Cards... from SVM