Gift Cards "Hook" New Customers

HookLogic, providers of a website software platform designed to deliver dynamic content for websites and other marketing channels, wanted to provide gift cards as an incentive for their client's lead generation program.

The Program

HookLogic operates a program called AutoHook, which is a lead generation/lead capture component of their web-based incentive management program. For one of their clients, HookLogic looked to add an attractive offer for the leads they were soliciting. HookLogic partnered with SVM to incorporate gift cards as the offer for visitors who came to the various car dealership websites within their client's program. Once on the specific dealer website, the offer for the free gift card was provided to the visitor if they simply came into the dealership to take a test drive or met with a sales representative in person.

The AutoHook software platform serves the offer, tracks the interactions with the offer, captures the lead and controls the number of times the same user is exposed to the offer. After the customer shows up at the dealership, they are checked into the AutoHook system, which then triggers a notification to HookLogic to fulfill to the customer the appropriate gift card per the offer.

SVM Coordinated the Marketing Approval and Supplied the Gift Cards

SVM coordinated the approvals for the program with the appropriate gift card company personnel and executed the fulfillment of the letter and gift cards to the qualified individuals on a weekly basis.

The Result

The results of this program have been positive. They have shown conclusively, using the detailed tracking analytics of the AutoHook platform, that the gift card incentives are driving people (quality leads) to dealerships and increasing sales, even in this challenging economy for auto sales. Due to the success of the program, AutoHook is being rolled out to additional dealer's sites within their client's network.


Gift Cards drive business!