"Select Destinations" -- Select Gift Cards

The advertising agency for a major online travel agency reached out to SVM for gift card and fulfillment services to execute their latest incentive program for their customer. SVM was chosen because of our extensive gift card selection which allowed the agency to save time and money by dealing with only one vendor for purchases and fulfillment.

The Promotion

The online travel agency offered a choice of several gift card brands to travelers that booked hotel reservations at select hotels. The gift card value varied between hotels. The promotion began in sunny Florida and the significant increase in bookings resulted in another program with a popular hotel chain in New Orleans. This quickly expanded to various other chains throughout the U.S.

SVM Executed the Fulfillment

In the full turnkey management process, SVM handled the fulfillment from beginning to end. After receiving the customer information, SVM created a personalized a letter, inserted the proper gift card and mailed the reward with the cross-sell letter to the individual customers.

The Result

Promoted online, the program successfully continues today.


The Power of Gift Cards... from SVM