Gift Cards Receive "Credit" for Promotion Success

A regional credit union contacted SVM for incentive insight and to provide the gasoline gift cards for a loan promotion.

The Promotion

The gift cards were used in conjunction with a promotion for automotive, RV, motorcycle, boat and signature loans. The credit union also tied in a checking account promotion with a gift card reward as an added member benefit. It was advertised in local newspapers, on the radio and in the branch offices. The customers were awarded the gasoline gift card at the time of loan approval. The gift card reward ranged from $25 to $100 dependent upon the loan value.

SVM Coordinated the Marketing Approval

SVM coordinated the process for advertising approvals with the oil company for all aspects of the gift card marketing and provided incentive consulting services.

The Result

The members' responses were very positive "they loved receiving the gas gift cards" - especially given that the price of gasoline is consistently in the news. The program continues today.


The Power of Gift Cards... from SVM