Your Staff, Clients, and Customers will Enjoy the Benefits...


Increase Sales

Gift cards can be used to enhance marketing promotions by offering the card to promote trial or increase sales of your product or service. See People Never Get "Tired" of Gift Cards and Gift Cards Receive "Credit" for Promotion Success to learn how your company can build customer loyalty and increase sales.

SVM is the industry leader in providing prepaid gasoline cards from ARCO, BP, Chevron, Circle K, Exxon Mobil, Gulf, Marathon, Shell, Sinclair, Sunoco, Speedway and Texaco. That's why a major electronics company enlisted SVM to provide prepaid gasoline cards to promote a mid-range electronics item via mail-in rebate. The response was more then triple what the company expected—moving them to plan another promotion for the fall. Better yet, SVM managed the entire fulfillment process, from receiving the response letters to mailing the cards.


Motivate Your Staff and Your Customers

Gift cards—which look like credit cards, but contain a prepaid dollar amount that can be used to purchase products and services—have been used to enhance sales and to motivate sales representatives and distributors in several industries across the nation, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, electronics, newspaper, financial, and many more.

A major vehicle manufacturer offered prepaid gasoline cards as an incentive on a national promotion, and because of the first month's outstanding results, the company continued the promotion for two additional months. Once again, SVM handled all the fulfillment details—leaving the client free to handle their increased business.


Promote Safety

Gift cards can be used to promote safety within a manufacturing organization. Promote safety by using the cards as rewards. See Fueling a Safety Program to learn more about this valuable benefit.

Whether to reward a sales rep, thank a client, or promote a new product, SVM can create a comprehensive one-stop shopping program that includes determining the right approach for your company, designing a marketing communications program, and providing quick fulfillment and related services (directly to your company, individually to winners, through mail-in rebates, and other methods)—all at a price that will keep you smiling.


Promote Your Brand

Promote your brand two ways: develop a specially designed custom card; or put your company logo on the front of one of our cards. Ask about options to customize cards with company or product logos printed on handy card sleeves, decals, or directly on the card—reinforcing a company's brand perception every time the card is used.

Now, that's a powerful promotion!


Easily Manage Company Reward Programs

Gift cards are continually used to successfully impact incentive programs designed to reward employees. See Gift Cards "Build" Employee Loyalty to learn more. SVM represents over 90 national retailers and specialty stores, such as Home Depot®, BLOCKBUSTER, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and others offering a one-stop-shop for business and consumers alike. They're great for sales and safety award programs, not to mention the holidays when it's hard to decide on that perfect gift.


Take Advantage of Easy Administration

Gift cards can be stored easily and given out as desired. There is no long-term storage or extensive paperwork to complete. See "Select Destinations" -- Select Gift Cards to learn more about how SVM can help administer your prepaid program.